Drip Marketing

Drip Marketing

Implement A Strategy to Maximize the ROI on Your Lead Investment

You’re driving traffic to your website, capturing lead information, but now what? It takes as many 10-12 contacts before someone associates your name with what you provide, yet very few salespeople make more than three calls to follow up. What’s more, once a lead is generated, immediate response is crucial to a high close ratio. Are your salespeople responding?

With a drip marketing system as a turnkey product to our Agency Tsunami solution, you’ll not only be driving traffic through SEO to your website and capturing the lead, you’ll now also have the mechanism in place to engage, share, and communicate with your prospects – paving the way to make the sale.

Your web leads will automatically go into the system for follow-up with letters, emails, white papers, to build a “know, like, and trust strategy. The system allows you to select your follow-up series. With 20 different professionally letters ready to use, you can:

  • Follow up on leads
  • Cross-sale, up-sell
  • Renew sales, increase customer retention
  • Gain back lapsed customers
  • Obtain referrals
  • Establish relationships through long-term lead warming

What’s more, you can opt to use our insurance telemarketing services to qualify leads that have received a series of drip emails, helping to increase your connect and conversion rates five times better than what you experience with cold calls alone.

Convert leads and gain long-term customers.

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