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Insurance news courtesy of Program Business. Originally Published 11/09/2005

Long Term Care Facilities

Provider Alliance (from LTC RPG)

Federation of Insured Dog Owners

Provider Alliance, from LTC Risk Purchasing Group, Inc., is the nation's premier purchasing group program for General and Professional Liability for the long-term care industry (skilled nursing, intermediate, assisted living, independent living). In a time of shrinking markets and skyrocketing premiums, Provider Alliance offers agents, brokers and their clients an opportunity to participate in insurance coverage that is both comprehensive and affordable. Coverage is offered by companies rated "A-" by A.M. Best.

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Provider Alliance is designed for quality-focused owners and operators who will "band together" to fight the current insurance crisis. Those risks that are eligible for the program will be rewarded with affordable premiums, outstanding service and product stability. By working with only the "best of the best" facilities in the industry, we can achieve our goals of stabilizing and reducing premiums in this volatile market.

Dog Bite Liability

In addition to Provider Alliance, LTC RPG has developed other specialized liability programs and coverages to meet the unique needs of the long-term care industry. Our comprehensive collection of liability products allows our agents and brokers to offer at least one liability solution for ANY RISK in ANY STATE. Even the most difficult risk can be placed.

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Our products are distributed through qualified independent agents and brokers, on a direct and non-direct basis. Our dedication to our agents and brokers is unparalleled in the marketplace.

Dog Health Insurance

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Insurance news courtesy of Program Business. Originally Published 11/09/2005