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2017 Digital Marketing Trends

Every new year is unpredictable and full of surprises, but there’s one certainty you can count on: the Digital Marketing industry will continue to evolve. Those of us who with an interest in marketing will surely look back with wonder in December 2017 that the year’s technology was more efficient and more effective than ever. Reminiscing is great, but preparing is better. The folks at Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes queried top marketing experts around the globe about emerging trends. Read on to learn about four emerging trends you should consider integrating into your digital marketing strategy to stay relevant in 2017.

Rising Use of Video Live Streaming

Savvy social media users are huge drivers of digital marketing trends, because they’re used to being wowed. They have short attention spans and are always anxious for the next best thing. In 2017, that could be live video streaming. With more sophisticated technology and faster Internet, savvy brands will jump on opportunities to reach customers by live streaming events.

Increasing Use of Geofilters

Snapchat is one of the rapidly growing social media platforms, and is still largely by digital marketers. That should change in 2017 as more companies learn to harness the power of Snapchat geofilters. These are images that overlay photos and videos. Look for more digital marketers to reach Snapchatters by using geofilters with eye-catching logos or compelling branding messages.

Soaring Popularity of Augmented Reality

Remember the Pokémon Go craze that seemed to emerge from nowhere? Experts say that was just a precursor to what we can expect in 2017. The fact that consumers are obviously ready to participate in augmented reality (that they go wild for it, actually) was not lost on digital marketers. Pokémon Go earned as much as $10 million per day at the height of its popularity. Expect to see far more marketing campaigns that incorporate augmented reality.

Digital Marketing Content Striving to Go Viral

Content marketing is a staple of digital marketing. The challenge in 2017 will be to create viral content. It’s no longer enough to post helpful articles packed with strategic keywords. Instead, the focus will shift to posting content that is so compelling, shocking, or entertaining that people can’t help but share it. The more social shares, the more likely content is to go viral. The pros say marketers should aim for at least one viral content post per month.

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