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Finding the Right Mix: The Science Behind Content Planning

The main factor that agencies need to realize about utilizing content planning as part of their Insurance Marketing Plan is that there is a science to it. I know what you’re thinking; “Science? I’m just trying to master what I want to write!” Hear me out.

You start with a basic idea of what good blog content is. The natural inclination is to write about your products or your services. There is a place for this information. However, it belongs on your website itself; not necessarily in your blog.

Why’s that? When people come across your blog post title within a Google search or even while browsing your website, they typically aren’t looking to make a decision or to buy right at that moment. They are perusing the Internet for information.

What type of information? Maybe they’re looking for ways their business could save money or the functions of an effective wellness program at work. Either way, if you have a post titled “The Basics of Your Business Insurance Policy,” chances are these prospective clients are not going to waste their time clicking on and reading a potentially dry blog post.

On the other hand, if you title your post, “Why Are Companies Getting Sued for Their Wellness Program?” you are much more likely to pique the customer or prospect’s interest. How though, do you relate this back to your product?

Keyword Placement

This is where keywords come in. Let’s say, hypothetically, you are discussing reasons why companies nowadays are increasingly getting sued for their wellness programs. Well, they’d need a good insurance policy to financially protect themselves. If your company offers Employment Benefits Liability, there’s your tie-in.

Here’s the scientific principle again; a good keyword has to be as specific to your agency as possible. Simply having your keyword as “Employment Benefits” will have you competing against hundreds of other agencies and organizations that offer employment benefits. Adding the word “Liability” to it narrows it down a bit more, but you’re still looking at a highly competitive search term.

Where is your agency located? What areas are you aiming to serve? Let’s say you’re based in Georgia. I’d typically recommend lengthening your keyword to “Georgia Employment Benefits Liability.” Now we’re getting somewhere!

The 80/20 Rule

You’ve found a way to write about a great, relevant topic and tie it back into one of your products using a niche keyword. That’s fantastic! But let’s remember, writing a blog post is not about selling your products or services. It’s about gaining traffic to your site from an organic audience you may not have otherwise reached, and turning that audience into leads.

You want to introduce your product in a gradual and organic way to avoid making it read like a promotional piece. This means staying true to your blog title. If you promised the audience “5 Reasons Today’s Companies are Getting Sued for Their Wellness Programs,” then you need to list 5 reasons today’s companies are getting sued for their wellness programs.

Simply put, it’s best to apply the 80/20 rule to your posts. 80% of the post’s content should be about the subject matter you promised in the title. The remaining 20% should be about your product, and the next action you’d like the reader to take, whether it’s calling your agency for more information or filling out a quote form.

Know Your Audience

It’s important to remember that the majority of your readers are likely “flying blind.” That is, they are not in decision-making mode. That being said, you want to attract the right target audience. Let’s look back at the employee wellness blog topic. While this may be an interesting topic to employees themselves, and even the average Joe, who you really want to reach are the business owners, managers, or other decision makers at a company.

Using the right keywords, ensuring your content isn’t too sales-heavy, and understanding the audience you’re speaking too is critical to planning content. Balancing this with your brand strategy and bottom line goals is a heavy task, but not an impossible one. Working with the right insurance marketing agency is vital.

At Neilson Marketing Services, we understand that the most successful insurance agencies go to where consumers and businesses interact. Content planning is an integral part of a robust social media strategy. Contact us today at 1.800.736.9741 for more information about our products and services.  


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