Cultivate Leads with Insurance-Based Drip Marketing

Your website is working, with leads coming in. Now it’s time to take care of and feed these leads to get prospects asking for some “face time” with you.

Neilson Marketing created a drip marketing system designed to help turn website leads into customers by establishing relationships.Our drip marketing system is designed to engage, share, and communicate with web prospects in your pipeline regularly and over a period of time to help salespeople get through the door.

You can also opt to use our insurance telemarketing services to qualify leads that have received a series of drip emails, helping to increase your connect and conversion rates five times better than what you experience with cold calls alone.

How Our Drip System Works

Web leads will automatically go into our drip system, which includes follow-up letters to help build a “know, like, and trust” strategy. The letters are sent to prospects from the awareness stage (when a lead is received) until the lead is converted and thereafter. The system allows you to select your follow-up series. There are many professionally letters ready to use, to help you:

  • Follow up on leads
  • Cross-sale, up-sell
  • Renew sales, increase customer retention
  • Regain lapsed customers
  • Obtain referrals
  • Establish relationships through long-term lead warming

Importance of Drip Nurturing

79% of qualified leads are never converted due to lack of lack proper nurturing
Drip open rates are about 80% higher than single sends
Companies that excel at drips generate 80% more sales at 33% lower costs