We Take Care of Website Maintenance. You Take Care of Business.

Having a strong website presence is part of any digital strategy today but, like anything else, for your site to be successful it needs ongoing TLC by experts who understand what it takes to have it run at full capacity. The experienced staff at Neilson Marketing Services will provide you with website hosting and maintenance services that align with your needs.

What is Website

Website maintenance is designed to keep your site running at optimal performance and enhance your customer’s interaction and experience. Our basic website maintenance package includes the following services:

  • A secure, stable hosting environment to protect against viruses and other vulnerabilities
  • Daily backups so that if something does occur the latest version of your site is readily available to be up and running in no time
  • Repair of any site errors or bugs
  • Basic website edits and updates to reflect changes in your small business

Maintenance Plan

  • Monitoring and implementation of WordPress updates and associated plug-ins
  • Google algorithm updates and necessary adjustments to maintain a highly-visible online presence, particularly critical for mobile
  • Monitoring search engine crawl errors to keep site in good standing with Google and other search engines
  • Free analytics to determine the effectiveness of your website strategy

Additional Website Maintenance
Services Available

In addition to the basics that come with our web maintenance plan, we also offer additional services so you can boost your site’s performance.
Our custom website maintenance packages may include:

  • Site speed optimization
  • On-page optimization for enhanced SEO (search engine optimization) and improved site ranking on Google
  • Content maintenance to keep clients and prospects engaged, promote your brand and services, and boost traffic to the site; this includes ongoing blogging and video content
  • ADA-compliance to offer website accessibility to everyone

Neilson Marketing also offers website design services to get you leads for new and upsell business.

Website maintenance costs depend on the package that makes the most sense for your business.