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How to Market Insurance to a Millennial and Gen-Z Audience

Digital marketers face many unique challenges as they attempt to reach diverse demographic groups. Marketing approaches that work for a certain segment of the population may not be sufficient or effective enough to resonate with another segment. As a result, it is critical that marketers understand their target audience thoroughly. Reaching millennials and to the so-called “Generation Z” (Gen-Z), or people born in the late 1990s through the mid-2000s, requires fresh approaches in online marketing for insurance agents. Here, we’ll present some of those approaches, coupled with the details about this unique demographic group that can help insurance agencies create effective marketing campaigns. 

Millennials and Gen-Z: Understanding Behaviors and Preferences

Many experienced marketers in both print and digital spaces fall into the trap of dismissing younger audiences as having short attention spans, requiring new tactics and techniques to capture those attentions. Millennials and Gen-Z audiences are far more complex than that, however, so it can be useful to understand a bit about this target demographic. 

Millennials, or those born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s, and Gen-Z individuals share many similarities. Unlike earlier generations, these groups are technologically-savvy and have different expectations and preferences in terms of marketing. These groups do not have short attention spans; rather, they have come to expect quick access to information and are easily frustrated by having to wade through details to obtain the answers to their questions. The rise of mobile computing devices has facilitated this quick access to information, and millennials/Gen-Z individuals are far more likely to use mobile devices to conduct online searches than their older counterparts.

Even more importantly, millennials have evolving preferences, gravitating toward the brands and companies that are more authentic and engaging. These demographic groups respond to visual advertising, preferring video content, infographics, and similar visual resources over text-based information. Finally, these groups are also active on social media platforms, demanding and even expecting a certain level of personal engagement with the brands and companies they wish to do business with. 

Tips for Connecting with Millennials in Insurance Marketing

In 2015, millennials became the largest generation in history with over 75 million individuals. This is a vast potential market, representing a demographic group that is in their prime spending years. Online marketing for insurance agents must be tailored to reach this potential pool of customers, helping agencies to thrive in a competitive marketplace. 

What are ways we can ensure that our marketing efforts are reaching millennials and Gen-Z customers? It begins with a personal connection that balances trust, value, and technology. Too many younger people associate insurance agents as out of touch with the needs of this lucrative demographic; creating connections through the use of social media platforms and reinforcing messages of authenticity and service are the keys to winning the hearts and minds of millennials.

Customer service is an aspect of the millennial/Gen-Z purchasing experience that cannot be overlooked. Customer service includes the first touches – long before insurance purchasing decisions are made – and continue throughout the business relationship. Millennials simply do not want to wait for a quote or a callback; here, technology can be leveraged to produce nearly instant responses. Online quoting tools, responsive customer service agents, and a robust online presence are all factors that positively influence purchasing decisions. 

Insurance agencies should consider creating profiles on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; the latter is an ideal platform for hosting informative short videos that illustrate the features and benefits of specific insurance products. These profiles enhance an agency’s existing website and help to position the agency and its agents as “tour guides”, helping potential customers navigate the complex world of insurance options and pricing. Finally, in today’s connected world, brand-building is an important factor that is crucial for continued business growth. Social media helps your agency tell its story in a more personal way – a way that resonates with the younger generation.

None of these tips produce results unless potential customers find your website, so being highly search-visible is a priority. Search engine optimization (SEO) practices, including mobile-friendly search, position insurance agencies at or near the top of online searches. It is imperative that agencies work with an experienced SEO/digital marketing service provider to help ensure great search visibility. With these tips and tools, and an understanding of the habits and preferences of millennials and Gen-Z individuals, online marketing for insurance agents is easier and more effective than ever before. 

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