Reach More Insurance Customers with Our Email Append Service

You’ve built a strong database of customers but a critical element may be missing to effectively market in today’s multi-channel environment: email addresses.

This can result in lost opportunities to boost sales, cross-market and strengthen client relationships.Improve your ability to better target individuals, increase customer retention, generate faster sales, and enhance the quality and cost-effectiveness of your e-mailings with Neilson Marketing’s Email Append service. We’ll take your current business customers’ names, company names, and postal addresses and match them against a Master Database of 30 million business records. We’ll verify each email and deliver an enhanced database with appended emails to you in your original file format. Our average match rate is 40%, and the emails are guaranteed to be 80% accurate.

In controlling the entire email append process in-house, we ensure that our clients get the rapid turnaround, quality control, and accountability they need.

Email: Alive & Well

  • More than 200m emails are sent out every minute of the day.
  • 72% of adults say they prefer companies to communicate with them via email.
  • 92% like to receive promotional email from companies with which they do business.
  • 73% of companies say email marketing is a core part of their business efforts.
  • 25% rate email as their top channel in terms of ROI.

Adding Customer’s Email Addresses to Your Records Empowers You

  • Turn single-channel customers into valuable multi-channel customers
  • Drive repeat business and nurture loyalty through more frequent customer contact
  • Dramatically boost your online revenues

Additional services include: Email List Cleaning & Hygiene services, Phone and Reverse Phone Append, Firmagraphics, and NCOA.