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Neilson Marketing Services: Helping You Develop a Strong Online Presence

In today’s insurance landscape, offline marketing is just not enough. Forbes has found that 82 percent of customers look to the internet to research companies, and Demand Metric has revealed that while content marketing is 62 percent less expensive than traditional marketing, it generates triple the leads. With so many potential customers online and the vast array of marketing capabilities that the digital form offers, it is necessary that you incorporate a strong digital presence into your overall marketing strategy. Our digital marketing services will help you to expand your reach far beyond your geographic region, specialize your advertising campaign to key demographics, improve engagement, build strong client relationships, and give you a lasting social media presence.

Insurance Websites

As most customers look to the web to tell them what they need to know about businesses, it is crucial that you have a well-designed and informative web site. 75 percent of customers have been shown to judge a company’s credibility based on its web site, and we can help you make a great impression. With our Agency Tsunami service, we will create a personalized web site for you that will work across all devices, improve your SEO and ranking, establish your company’s brand, include a Call to Action to ensure that your visitors become your customers, and have an easy-to-use online Dashboard for you to personally track leads, traffic, and results.

Content Marketing

Once customers have landed on your web site, they often look for content to give them a clearer picture of what your company does. 80 percent of customers have stated that they enjoy learning about a company through custom content, and an additional 70 percent said that they would prefer to learn about a company through content over advertisements. To drive traffic to your web site and convert it into lasting client relationships, we will provide quality blog, photo, and video content and share and promote it on the relevant social media channels.

SEO & Rank Authority

Now that you have your site and content, it is important to optimize it to help new clients easily find you. We offer on-page and off-page optimization that includes keyword research, relevant content, blueprint organization, easy navigation and Call to Action, meta details, regular content creation, backlinks, and local search. 75 percent of users do not go beyond the first page of search results, and we can help you to ensure that you place high in the rankings.

Social Media Marketing

Nearly 2.3 billion people – one-third of the world’s population – are active social media users, with an average of 5.54 social accounts per user. With such a large pool of potential customers, any successful business needs to take advantage of the opportunity to expand their reach and improve their organic search results. We are happy to improve your social media presence by setting up and maintaining social profiles on a variety of channels (including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube), and providing social profile and business profile links. We will also update all of your channels on a regular basis to ensure that your site ranks well and engages with your target audience.

Drip Marketing

After you’ve attracted the right audience, it is important to know how to turn them into consistent customers. 79 percent of qualified leads do not get converted into customers due to a lack of proper nurturing, and we can fix that for you. Our drip marketing system will take your web leads and let you choose how you would like to follow up. These follow-ups will allow you to follow through with leads, cross-sale and up-sell, renew sales, increase retention, reconnect with former customers, find referrals, and establish long-term relationships. You can also supplement our drip marketing system with our telemarketing services to maximize your conversion rates.

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Since 1988, Neilson Marketing has been implementing innovative marketing solutions and strategies for our clients in all areas of marketing. Contact us today at (800) 736-9741, to put our talent, expertise, and vast resources to work for you. Let’s make things happen, together!

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Think about where you want to be next year, in five years and even in 20 years as the insurance industry evolves. How will you get there? Do you have the agent resources in place? The talent? The strategies? Neilson Marketing Services can help you plan for tomorrow today. To learn more about our agent resources and products, contact Neilson today. Give us a call at 800.736.9741 or complete the form on this page. One of our account representatives will contact you to start making results happen.

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