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Neilson Marketing Services: Taking Your Marketing Offline

Though digital marketing has seen an exponential growth in recent years, we advise that you round out your marketing strategy with a significant amount of offline marketing. In addition to bolstering your digital marketing efforts by an average of 40 percent, offline marketing serves its own unique purpose by giving your company a tangible presence that many consumers find more intimate and personal, particularly if you are targeting local customers. Social Media Today has reported that consumers who receive something physical from a company – such as a piece of direct mail, which is one of the most popular forms of offline marketing – are more likely to look at and read your information and have an actionable response. In addition to our telemarketing and digital marketing services, we are proud to offer a number of offline marketing services to give you the most comprehensive marketing strategy for your business.

Brand Strategy & Position

Having a solid company brand means having a story to tell your customers, and having a deeper understanding of your position in the industry. At Neilson Marketing Services, we can help you to develop your specific company brand through a number of detailed processes.

  • Brand Positioning. The process begins with us having a detailed conversation with you about your company, where you want your company to go, and everything in between. From company culture to talent, strengths, weaknesses, and objectives, this discussion will allow us to cover all the bases and give us a deeper understanding of your company, your target audience, your competition, and where to begin the branding process.
  • Unique Brand Name/Graphic Identity. After we’re satisfied with with your company’s position, we will begin the brand identity process with the brand name, graphics, and more for your company and its products. We will present you with multiple options for names and graphics in order to ensure that you are satisfied.
  • Brand Manual/Visual Identity Standards. These standards will help you to design and create company communications that are in line with the brand that you would like to portray. These standards will take into account colors, typography, images, layout, and more. By establishing a standard visual to be applied consistently in company communications, you will be able to reinforce your company’s brand.
  • Collateral Creative. This process will continue the branding process by applying it to other marketing materials. We can help you with brochures, advertisements, direct mail, email marketing, newsletters, presentations, letterheads, and any other materials through which you would like to communicate your company’s vision.

Marketing & Communications

Once you’ve established your company, the products and services you offer, and your unique brand, it is time to communicate that to your clients and potential clients. This is where our marketing and communications services come into play. When your company’s personal brand has been created, we will work with you to create specific content that we feel will best advertise your company, convey your vision, and allow your business to grow. We can create and design a number of unique products – anything you can put to paper, we can design for you. We will also plan, write, and distribute public relations campaigns that we feel will best support your business objectives and allow your business to reach new heights.


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