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Neilson Marketing Services: The Front-Runner of Insurance Marketing

While digital marketing has undoubtedly evolved over the past few years, it is important to remember other forms of marketing. Here at Neilson Marketing Services, we integrate up-to-date digital marketing strategies with more traditional marketing practices in order to create a detailed and personalized marketing solution for you and your company. In the coming weeks, we will go into depth on the variety of marketing solutions that we offer; in the meantime, here is a quick look at our services.

Insurance Telemarketing

With over 20,000 telemarketing campaigns and over 80 million phone calls made, Neilson Marketing has set the gold standard for insurance telemarketing. Telemarketing, in addition to being very cost-efficient, allows you to reach a large audience, get an immediate reading on your client’s interest level regarding your product, and attain quantifiable results. We provide insurance telemarketing services to insurance carriers, MGAs, insurance agencies, and vendors.

Insurance Data

Quality data is key to a successful marketing strategy. Through insurance data, we will help you to direct your attention towards the leads that are most likely to respond well to your products, and provide messaging so that your target audience can act quickly. Our Business Directory services provide up-to-date data on 17 million locations to help you to create the best possible list. We will also help you to target potential leads through e-mail.

Digital Marketing

Today, it is crucial to have a good digital marketing strategy. Online marketing can help you to expand your audience beyond your geographic area, communicate with your audience, increase engagement, and customize your solutions based on demographics.

  • Insurance Websites – Through our Agency Tsunami service, we can help you to develop a responsive, customized, and beautiful web site to work across all platforms.
  • Content Marketing – According to the Content Marketing Institute, 85% of the most successful content marketers consistently produce content, and 87% of the same group are capable of quickly adjusting their content marketing strategy as needed. In contrast, only 2% of the least successful content marketers even have a concrete content marketing strategy. We can help you to create SEO-optimized blog posts and videos to help you reach your audience.
  • SEO & Ranking Authority – We provide both on-page and off-page search engine optimization to help you better reach your target audience. This includes keyword research, meta details, backlinks, local search, blog creation and administration, site blueprint organization, and many more strategies.
  • Social Media Marketing – At the beginning of the new year, a study from the Pew Research Center found that 69% of adults are social media users, a 64% jump from initial data taken in 2005. An active social media presence will not only improve your search engine results, but will also help you to create a connection with your current audience and expand it. In order to improve online presence, we use methods such as social bookmarking, social profile links, business profile links, social media profile setups and maintenance, and additional strategies.
  • Drip Marketing – Once you’ve gotten your leads, it is imperative that you know what to do with them. Our drip marketing system will allow you to establish relationships with your leads and turn them into clients through the use of follow-up letters, which will in turn enable you to follow up on leads, obtain referrals, renew sales, create better relationships, cross-sale, up-sell, and regain lapsed customers.

Offline Marketing

Though the importance of online marketing has grown exponentially in recent years, you can’t forget about offline marketing, and specifically the importance of defining your company’s brand.

  • Brand Positioning – We will discuss your company, its strengths, its history, your objectives, and many other details with you in order to have a concrete understanding of how to brand your company and where to take it from there.
  • Unique Brand Name/Graphic Identity – Once we’ve decided upon your business’s brand, we will help you to further develop your brand identity through the business name and graphic options.
  • Brand Manual/Visual Identity Standards – In your promotional materials, it is important to have a consistent and individual brand identity, which can be achieved through the signature, typography, color, and layout.
    • Collateral Creative – This entails the creation of marketing material and its design, production, and copy, whether it is letterheads, brochures, direct mail, presentations, newsletters, proposals, or other materials.


About Neilson Marketing

Since 1988, Neilson Marketing has been implementing innovative marketing solutions and strategies for our clients in all areas of marketing. Contact us today at (866) 816-1849,to put our talent, expertise, and vast resources to work for you. Let’s make things happen, together!

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Think about where you want to be next year, in five years and even in 20 years as the insurance industry evolves. How will you get there? Do you have the agent resources in place? The talent? The strategies? Neilson Marketing Services can help you plan for tomorrow today. To learn more about our agent resources and products, contact Neilson today. Give us a call at 800.736.9741 or complete the form on this page. One of our account representatives will contact you to start making results happen.

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