Maximize the Power of Your Brand

Defining your brand allows you to define your company’s story for customers and potential clients.

Neilson Marketing can help you tell your story – whether you are a start-up insurance agency, an agency that wants to refresh its brand, an MGA or Wholesaler with a new product launch, or a vendor looking to reposition itself in the industry.

Reach Out To Us When:

  • Launching a new company or a new line of products or services
  • Developing a new platform
  • Undergoing a brand merger or acquisition
  • Trying to describe something that didn’t exist before
  • Getting better control of your product names

Our Services

  • Brand Positioning. We’ll discuss with you in detail your culture, talent, strengths, objectives – where you are today and where you want to be in the future and much more – to develop brand positioning that will serve as the foundation for our creative concepts. Our discussion will serve as an internal assessment of your company, its competitive landscape, target segments, brand benefit and brand attributes.
  • Unique Brand Name/Graphic Identity. Once we finalize the positioning statement, we will begin developing the new brand identity for your company and/or programs or products. We will present several alternative names and graphic options.
  • Brand Manual/Visual Identity Standards. These standards provide direction for developing and designing communications that are fully aligned with the brand. The manual will outline best practices for the use of our visual identity elements, including: signature, color, typography and imagery. The consistent application of the identity, including the signature, typeface, color and layout is essential in building a strong presentation of the brand throughout all materials.
  • Collateral Creative. This includes creative, design, copy and production of marketing material – from letterhead to brochures, ads, product sheets, direct mail, email marketing ads, newsletters, presentations, proposal templates and more.

Our 25 years of experience in the insurance industry and our active pulse on how the industry is changing gives us unique insight in developing strong brand positioning to reach today’s businesses and consumers and set companies apart from the rest. Insurance agencies, wholesalers and MGAs have turned to us to help them position and further enhance their stake in the marketplace. We can do the same for you.