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SEO Moves Fast. Here’s How to Stay Up to Date

Since the dawn of the Internet, digital marketers have experienced dramatic changes in their practices and strategies to improve online visibility. Search engine optimization (SEO), the practice of creating search-friendly webpages, has evolved, especially over the past decade. Today, SEO for insurance agents is an environment where the practices that worked well in the past are no longer sufficient. In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of SEO, how can digital marketing professionals keep up with the changes? In this guide, we will explore the answer to that question as well as offer tips for staying up to date in the dynamic SEO environment.

Evolving Search Algorithms: Driving Evolution in SEO Practices

In the digital marketing field, there are many challenges in store for professionals, who are expected to have a solid understanding of SEO and its applications. Perhaps the biggest challenge digital marketers face in their operations is the evolving nature of search algorithms. Algorithms are used to process user queries, translating search terms into relevant search results. Google, for example, has continually updated its core algorithm since its inception, adding new technologies and features to make the search experience more rewarding for users. Some of these new technologies include machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), allowing the search engine to parse complex search phrases and to better understand user intent. As a result, SEO professionals have had to learn new strategies to unlock these advances, ensuring that websites appear at or near the top of search results pages.

Gaining Knowledge in an Ever-Changing Field

As our introduction states, the world of SEO moves quickly. Marketing and SEO professionals must also move quickly to maintain the knowledge and skill needed to succeed in this arena. For these professionals, it is vital to stay up to date. How can SEO professionals do that?

Industry professionals suggest three core areas of focus – educational resources, after a fashion — for staying abreast of changes in SEO practices and strategies. These three core resources are:

  • Industry conferences and events
  • News publications
  • Online resources (blogs, vlogs) created and maintained by SEO experts

Industry conferences and events are invaluable in gaining knowledge. The digital marketing industry hosts numerous conferences across the country each year, giving professionals the ability to learn from others in their field. Formal conferences are not the only events where SEO professionals can learn new tips and tricks; casual meetups can also provide a networking outlet.

News publications are an incredible source of information for today’s SEO professional. Many of the search engines produce their own news resources, sharing details about algorithm updates and new technologies with anyone who is interested in reading those resources. There are literally dozens of high-profile industry newsletters and online resources available as well, providing insight into the dynamic SEO environment.

Because SEO is so complex, experts have emerged who focus on specific areas or niches of practice, such as optimizing off-page factors or leveraging local search to boost online visibility. Luckily for SEO professionals who want to stay up to date, a sizeable percentage of these niche experts maintain robust blogs and vlogs. Following experts in the field through their blog posts can help professionals learn new tactics.

More Tips for SEO Professionals

In addition to the three primary resources above, there are still other ways that SEO professionals can maintain their skills as search engines evolve. One of these ways is through social media, where SEO experts, digital marketers, and those new to the industry can mingle in an online environment. Think of social media as a digital conference; sharing ideas and tips is fast and easy on social media platforms.

Industry forums are another way to gain skills and understanding. Many SEO forums have robust traffic and a passionate group of subscribers eager to answer questions. SEO professionals are wise to create accounts on some of the more prominent industry forums, giving them access to an incredible amount of information gleaned from fellow SEO practitioners.

Just like in other areas of digital marketing, SEO for insurance agents changes at a fast pace. With the three core resources illustrated above and these handy tips, staying on top of the ever-changing SEO landscape is easier than ever before.

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