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Telemarketing Insurance: A How-To Guide

Telemarketing has been a staple of the sales sector for decades. Over time, this sales practice has evolved; no longer do telemarketers consult the Yellow Pages or industry directories and cold-call down the list. Today, advanced management systems and innovative methods keep telemarketing a viable component of sales strategies. When considering how to telemarket insurance, there are certain best practices agents need to be aware of. In this guide, we’ll illustrate the best ways to use insurance telemarketing to support business growth.

Insurance Telemarketing Defined

Insurance telemarketing is the practice of selling insurance products and services over the telephone. This practice may include “cold calling,” where insurance sales professionals make unannounced calls to potential customers. It may also include “warm calling,” or speaking to potential customers who have already expressed an interest in learning more about a given insurance product or service. This latter practice is typically a follow-up to an initial conversation. Modern telemarketing strategies utilize targeted audience research and other sales aspects like direct mail, email campaigns, and video scripts to produce leads for future sales. Together, these sales practices – including telemarketing – are referred to as offline marketing. They work hand in hand with online marketing efforts, and by leveraging these tools, sales professionals can significantly improve business growth and revenue.

Attributes of Successful Insurance Telemarketing

When considering how to telemarket insurance, there are specific attributes that a sales professional must master to achieve defined goals. These attributes include:

  • A deep understanding of the insurance products and services on offer. Insurance is a complex field, and providing potential customers with the details to make informed purchasing decisions is paramount in creating sales.
  • Thorough knowledge of the insurance agency or brokerage. Successful telemarketers need to be able to help potential customers know what makes their company stand out. Brushing up on the company’s history, brand, consumer reviews, and industry reputation can build engagement with customers while helping sales professionals develop a better connection with the company they are working with.
  • A clear picture of the targeted audience for sales calls. Telemarketing can be a delicate art, requiring the ability to make connections with potential customers. Knowing as much about your customers as possible before that first contact can help establish connections, consumer preferences, perceived insurance needs, concerns about financial security. Demographic or regional information can pinpoint the types of consumers likely to make a purchase and help convert potential customers into clients.
  • Familiarity with sophisticated sales strategies. Telemarketers need to have the ability to leverage a wide range of sales tools and techniques – and they must also be able to share sale processes with customers. Closing a sale may require administrative documents, an explanation of sales or refund policies, shipping, and technical/consumer support. Some transactions may require follow-ups, contract negotiations, or other aspects that a telemarketer needs to understand fully.
  • A confident attitude. Telemarketers are brand representatives, and they are often the first contact between a company and its customers. Being able to convey confidence and expertise over the telephone is an art; sales professionals may want to consider training with mock calls and script rehearsals until the tone and authority are just right.

Investing in Telemarketing for Insurance Sales

When agencies consider the sales practices needed to reach new customers, telemarketing often comes into the conversation. Determining how to telemarket insurance may require investments in time, technology, and expertise. It can take time to develop telemarketing strategies, including identifying audiences, setting goals, and creating call scripts.

Technology can simplify the call tracking and management process; integrated telemarketing systems are available to make short work of setting up the infrastructure necessary to be successful. The better sales personnel can manage their contacts with potential customers, including conducting follow-up calls, the better connections will be between agencies and their consumers.

Expertise is a significant aspect that cannot be overlooked. Modern telemarketing requires personnel with many skills and abilities; assembling a telemarketing team is often the most challenging part of launching this sales avenue. Third-party telemarketing service providers, including experienced firms that know how to telemarket insurance, can be valuable partners. High return on investments is possible for agencies and brokerages that use telemarketing best practices to their advantage, generating sales and spurring healthy business growth.

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