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The Rise of Video Marketing

If you’re an insurance company and you have a Digital Insurance Marketing plan, you are ahead of the curve. Believe it or not, even today, many insurance companies naively believe that their existing customer base is sufficient to keep them going into the future. They erroneously buy into the “once a customer always a customer” mentality. They don’t realize that customers are loyal to an extent, but ultimately do business with companies that provide the most value for their dollar.

Having a digital marketing plan is necessary to survive. Regularly evaluating that plan and making sure it continues to be relevant is necessary to thrive and position your business to succeed into the future. If your company is forward-thinking and strategic, you’re aware of the rise of video marketing and are committed to targeting your marketing to customers who favor tablets and smartphones over laptops and desktops.

Statistics Don’t Lie

Internet monitoring firm StatCounter has evaluated consumer behavior and scientifically concluded what you probably assumed: more people across the globe now access the internet from mobile devices than from desktop computers. Slightly over half of all internet traffic is initiated on mobile and tablet devices. Google’s research jives with StatCounter’s. According to Google, more Google searches are now conducted on mobile platforms than on desktops.

You may be surprised to learn that in developing markets like India, mobile internet use is even more pronounced: It accounts for 75% of internet use. The reason is simple — mobile devices are more common than desktops in emerging markets because they’re more affordable. Even in advanced western nations, though, mobile Internet promises to overshadow desktop use simply because mobile devices are always nearby, always convenient.

Mobile Devices and Video: A Match Made in Heaven

Effective digital marketers pay attention to statistics and tailor their strategies accordingly. Not only are more of your customers and potential customers researching insurance companies from their handheld device, they’re also particularly attracted to videos posted on social media. Speaking of social media, you do have a presence on Facebook, right? Because you absolutely need one.

Back to video. Most people equate video to YouTube. That’s understandable, YouTube launched the video revolution and continues to be immensely popular. However, most people researching insurance will place more value on what they learn from Facebook where, in theory, they’re amongst friends. Facebook is eclipsing YouTube as the platform of choice for video marketing. One reason is that there’s so much competition on YouTube that it’s tough to stand out from the crowd. Another reason is that Facebook video is personal and easily shareable – and gives you the ability to target a specific demographic of consumers.

The bottom line? Your customers and potential customers are using their phones and tablets to search the Internet for products and services. They also access Facebook (a lot) primarily from their mobile devices. And, when given a choice between reading a long block of text or clicking on a video, they’re going to choose the latter. Does your marketing strategy include video? Is it optimized to appeal to viewers on mobile devices? If you’re not tapping into these opportunities, Neilson Marketing can help.


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