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Video Marketing Can Help You Out, If You Know What to Do

Digital marketing professionals have many tools at their disposal to showcase clients and their products or services. In many marketing campaigns, combinations of tools and strategies will be leveraged, improving visibility in online searches and attracting new audiences. Among these tools is that of video marketing, which has revolutionized the digital marketing landscape. Video marketing emerged as a powerful trend and coincided with the rise of social media and online video-sharing platforms as marketing outlets. Simply making a video and hoping for the best is not the best way to use this tool, however. In online marketing for insurance agents, there are tips and tricks for getting the most out of video marketing content.

Why Use Video Marketing?

To build brands and to reach audiences, video marketing is no longer an option – this component of the digital marketing campaign is now considered vital – and in many cases, has completely replaced other marketing tactics to become its own unique business strategy. In fact, many marketing analysts suggest that video marketing efforts are the foundation of any outreach initiative. Why use this strategy in your marketing? The answer is simple: because video content has the ability to reach more people faster and in a more cost-effective manner than almost any other marketing tool.

Think about social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Chances are, you have seen product videos from your favorite companies. This trend is nothing to sneeze at; according to marketing research, about 50% of all consumers expect to see video content about their favorite brands and products. Furthermore, the impact of video on Facebook alone is staggering: about 500 million people watch videos on the platform every single day. Video content on social media is easily shareable, allowing information about your company, its products, and its services to reach a global audience. So-called “viral marketing” – where a video gains the attention of a broad audience – is made possible by social media and the sharing tools it provides users.

YouTube, the dominant video-sharing platform, has also become a marketing powerhouse, enabling companies to share their stories with ease. In fact, within the past five years, YouTube has become an integral part of some of the most effective company marketing efforts on the planet. If you’re not using video in your online marketing for insurance agents, there’s a significant chance you are falling behind your competitors.

Video Marketing: The Basics

Just as in any other aspect of digital marketing, video marketing can take many forms. Among the most popular video formats are:

  • Explainer videos – These are used to help audiences understand why a given product or service is beneficial in their lives. This format can also be used to share a company’s story, bringing that company to life in consumers’ eyes.
  • Educational/How-To videos – Instruction is a vital part of the customer relationship, and this format can share critical information about how a product works or the features of a service provided by your company.
  • Event videos – This format can be useful when a company is taking part in a special event, such as a conference, a trade show, or a charitable fundraiser.
  • Product/Service showcase videos – These are especially beneficial when a company is rolling out a new product or service and helps the audience understand what is new and why the new product/service fills a need. Live streaming event videos on social media can have an incredible impact on audiences.
  • Customer testimonial videos – Nothing speaks to audiences like other consumers, and in testimonial videos, consumers serve as brand advocates, illustrating why your products or services improved their lives.

When one thinks about video content, concerns about studios and expensive equipment may be voiced. While slick, high production value videos and big budgets do have their place in video marketing, a research firm discovered that consumers tend to prefer simple, no-frills video content. Authenticity is the key here; high-quality videos simply do not capture that authentic feel that resonates with audiences.

Leveraging the Power of Video in Marketing

There are many tips to share that can take your digital marketing efforts to the next level, especially with video content. Some of the leading tips for leveraging the power of video include:

  • Capture audience attention within the first 10 seconds. Concise and to-the-point videos resonate, as do videos that use teaser information to immediately bring attention to the video’s message.
  • Humor is a critical part of video marketing. It has been said that if you can get audiences to laugh, you are well on your way to creating customers. Done right, adding humor to videos make them memorable in the minds of audiences, and also improves their chance of sharing on social media platforms.
  • Don’t forget SEO in your video production. SEO professionals know that optimizing video for search pays big dividends in online visibility. Take advantage of description fields, embedding tools, and keywords in titles and descriptions to maximize your video’s reach on search results.
  • Finally, add education into the video marketing mix. Videos are a great way of providing education to consumers, and those videos that teach have a better chance of being seen as valuable and relevant to the topic at hand. Take the time to walk your viewers through the product’s or service’s features, and you will be able to captivate your audience. In online marketing for insurance agents, this educational component allows people to understand why your company’s offerings are what they need in their lives.

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