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What is Domain Authority, and How Can You Improve Yours?

In the field of digital marketing, there are many different components of a marketing campaign that can influence discovery of a given site in search engines. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is comprised of hundreds of on- and off-page factors, each potentially contributing to a site’s overall rank in search results. One of these factors is known as domain authority. What is domain authority, and how can insurance marketers take advantage of techniques to improve this factor? In this guide, we’ll present tips for maximizing the power of domain authority, helping online marketing for insurance agents perform better than ever before.

Domain Authority: The Basics

Developed by an SEO software company, domain authority (DA) is a ranking score that allows marketers and web content developers to gauge how well a given website will rank in search engine results. When it was first developed, the major search engines did not directly use this score in their ranking algorithm. In more recent years, however, Google’s algorithm has been updated to reflect the importance of this ranking factor – in fact, many digital marketers see this factor as one the most important of SEO characteristics.

In simple terms, domain authority is calculated by evaluating several factors, especially the links pointing to and from the website in question. Similar sites, especially those with established authority in their given subject matter, are evaluated against one another in the complex calculation. To better understand DA, it can be useful to think of it as a website’s reputation; it represents a site’s ability to deliver high-quality, engaging, and informative content to site visitors. In other words, high DA scores mean the site has a great reputation as an information resource, while a poor score corresponds to a less-than-satisfactory reputation. Google’s goal is to provide relevant search results to any given user query, and sites that offer high-quality content will naturally rank higher than those that do not. Domain authority helps to boost content rankings. It is important to note two peculiarities about DA: that a site’s domain authority can fluctuate, and that it is easier to improve a poor DA score than it is to add points to an already-high score.

Improving Domain Authority: Backlinks

Backlinks, or the links pointing from other resources back to the website in question, have a profound influence on a site’s domain authority score. It can be argued that these backlinks are the foundation and the core of DA. Because those links are so important, it can be incredibly beneficial to acquire great backlinks. Targeting sites that already have their own high DA scores is the ideal method; for online marketing for insurance agents, this can mean adding your site’s information to established business directories and review sites catering to the insurance industry. Digital marketing professionals can also conduct link-building campaigns as part of their SEO strategies. Generating links from reputable and informative resources is the fastest and best way to boost a flagging DA score.

Tips for Improving Domain Authority

As mentioned earlier, links are the key to increasing a site’s domain authority, helping to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Of course, there are many other factors that can positively influence a DA score, and these include:

  • On-site optimizations like user-friendly navigation and layout, fast-loading pages, and available site maps for visitors.
  • On-page SEO, such as inclusion of permalinks, text-based navigation “anchor” links, and variations of major and minor keywords/key phrases.
  • Incorporation of social media in the digital marketing strategy, which helps to attract site traffic and influential followers. Social media is a fast and cost-efficient way to boost online visibility, and its influence on DA is a bonus.

The most important tip – other than cultivating quality backlinks — for improving poor DA, or cementing your place as a subject authority in your industry, is to develop engaging, rich, and informative content. Content offers search engines the details needed to satisfy search user queries. Insurance agencies have myriad options when it comes to content, including providing site visitors with user guides to insurance types, coverage differences, and industry-related news and information. When your site becomes a “go-to” resource for those wishing to learn more about the insurance industry, you know that your content is meeting a specific need, and the search engines will reward you for your efforts. With a bit of hard work and a comprehensive approach to including both on- and off-page SEO, your domain authority has the potential to revolutionize your search visibility.

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