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How a Company Blog Can Help Your Business’s Marketing Efforts

You likely create a great deal of online content for your business. If you have a website, you will have pages of content about your business, your mission, your products and services, your team, and more. But the most effective is going to be your company blog.

In today’s digital marketing landscape, it’s almost universally accepted that a company blog is a necessary portion of any effective online marketing strategy. Business blogging has seen a steady increase over the recent years; in 2017, WordPress reported that over 409 million web users are viewing more than 22.2 million blog pages each month. Blogs are a very popular type of content. But what is it about them that’s so effective?

If you asked business marketers why they’ve created their blog, the most common answer would most likely be: “Everyone else has one.” Keeping up with the competition is important, but that’s far from the only reasons that your business should keep a regular company blog.

Establishing Branding and Authority

For many web users, when they’re perusing a business’s website for the first time, one of the first places they go is their company blog. Blog content is a great tool; it allows you to discuss your business and its products and services in a more approachable, accessible way. You can also use this blog space to go into further detail about what you offer, or a common problems that your potential customers face.

Consider some of the following types of blog posts and how they can improve your authority:

  • Answering common questions or solving problems: These blog posts let prospects know that you know what you’re talking about and that you have what they need. Once they’ve realized this, they will understand that your site and your business is a good place to go when they have similar questions, problems, or needs in the future. Many of our clients work in the insurance industry. While insurance is a necessary product that many people have, many people don’t understand their insurance, and don’t go out looking for the latest fun insurance blog post. Some of the most successful blog posts are the ones that break down the most commonly searched questions about insurance coverage (such as “What affects my insurance premiums?”, “What’s the difference between D&O and E&O insurance?”, and “). Once you know what your target audience is looking for, give them the answers and let them know that you have more.
  • Talking about your company: There are two things you can accomplish with these types of posts. You can let your readers know exactly who you are, how you fit into the market, and how much experience you have in the industry; you can also humanize your brand. Both of these are equally important. Establishing yourself as a trustworthy member of your market will reassure your readers that they can trust you with their business in the future. Establishing the people behind your business will help people to relate to you and further build trust.
  • Giving more in-depth explanations of your products and services: In advertisements and on product pages, there’s only so much you can say. When you’re trying to entice someone to make a purchase, subscribe, or give you their information, it’s important to keep it short and sweet. In your blog, you don’t have the same constraints (in fact, longer-form content typically does better in search engine results). Your blog posts can be valuable resources that you can direct prospective clients to if they have further questions, ensuring that they will not leave your site.

This can be a tougher goal to accomplish. At this time, there is no metric that we can use to determine just how much we’ve established our authority. Some recommend that you measure it as you would measure sales enablement.

Driving Traffic

Every time you write and publish a blog post, that’s one more page on your website that gets indexed. That’s one more chance for you to turn up on a search engine results page (SERP).

With a well-done call-to-action (CTA), with every new blog post you create, not only are you making your site more visible, you are also creating new opportunities to draw in your readers and convert them into leads.

One final benefit of a business blog is link-building. Statistically, it has been proven that blogs with high-value, targeted content are more likely to attract quality links. One study found that companies with blogs had 97 percent more inbound links than those without.

Enhancing Other Efforts

Statistics show that it’s important to have an active social media presence. Sometimes it can be difficult to consistently come up with high-quality, relevant, and timely content to post about on social media. With a regularly-updated blog, your social media team will have consistent access to high-quality content relevant to your target audience. Sure, you could share third-party content, but why wouldn’t you want to post content that directs readers and leads right back to your own site?

You can also use this strategy for your email marketing, particularly in the form of newsletters. Have you had trouble coming up with content for a newsletter, or not had the time to create content from scratch? Sending out a newsletter that highlights your blog content (or just the best content, if your team is prolific) will keep your readers up-to-date.

The Takeaway

In 2019, a company blog is no longer a fun, optional feature for a business website. Today, blogs are incredibly important tools for businesses to increase their site traffic, convert their visitors into leads, enhance their branding, establish authority in their field, and drive their social media marketing efforts. The numbers have spoken: companies that have blogs and know how to use them are doing significantly better in their online marketing than those without blogging strategies.

Not sure where to begin? Take a look at our guide to coming up with content ideas!

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