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How to Get Leads That Convert

In the field of digital marketing, the concept of conversion is at the heart of marketing efforts. Converting site visitors into actual customers should be the priority of digital marketing teams, allowing the organization to thrive even in competitive marketplaces. There are many aspects of building and maintaining a robust online presence – a marketing strategy known as search engine optimization or SEO – and these aspects may bring visitors to a given website. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to convert those leads.

SEO for insurance agents is crucial in developing new leads, then giving those leads the incentive to take the next step. In this guide, we will consider some of the top methods for converting online visitors into online customers, giving your business an opportunity to experience organic growth.

Creating Engagement by Delivering Value

The value proposition is overwhelmingly the most important concept when it comes to lead conversion. An organization must be able to demonstrate its value – what helps set it apart from competitors or what specific solutions it offers that make it the right choice – to potential customers. This value proposition must be positioned front and center in any visitor-facing interaction, whether it is a sales email, a webpage, a blog article, or a social media post.

Value can also mean addressing a given site visitor’s personal values. It has been shown in numerous marketing studies that site visitors make powerful connections with the businesses that align with their own personal values. By focusing on making those connections, businesses are more readily able to provide site visitors with the value they need to make critical purchasing decisions.

Content is King

It is a time-honored phrase among digital marketers that “content is king”. This concept of delivering relevant, timely, and insightful information is the very foundation of SEO for insurance agents or for any given market sector. Informative content in all phases of the sales cycle also builds the value proposition, providing site visitors with the relevant details they need to make informed purchasing decisions and thus completing a conversion – making the leap from lead to customer.

In developing content, it is important for marketing teams to go beyond creating content merely for SEO purposes; while bringing leads to a given web property is obviously the first step in a conversion, it is far more important to provide information to engage those visitors and to help them understand why your brand or service is the best value.

The Power of Data

Experienced digital marketers know that collecting and analyzing data can spell the difference between success and failure in a given marketing campaign. Analyzing user behaviors, such as time on site, page views, and bounce rate can help pinpoint specific weaknesses in a campaign and allow marketers to make the necessary adjustments. Heat maps are a valuable tool in this data analysis effort. These tools give marketers the ability to discern subtle behaviors that influence the overall site visit experience and can help maximize the conversion rate. A/B testing is another way to leverage data in developing favorable site visiting experiences. This form of testing can reduce bounce rate and time on site, ultimately improving conversion.

SEO for insurance agents is a complex area filled with many components, each working together to give site visitors the tools and the information they need to make purchasing decisions. With the right focus and the right approaches, it is possible for digital marketing teams to maximize conversion from site visitor to business customer. By doing so, marketers in the insurance field can help to ensure that their efforts help businesses to be better able in standing out from the competition.

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