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What Does Inbound Marketing Look Like for Insurance Agencies?

In order to understand what inbound marketing looks like for insurance agencies, and how it benefits your agency, it’s first important to understand what “inbound” marketing is. This marketing method is a non-disruptive way to attract visitors to your website, turn those visitors into leads, and ideally convert those leads into clients.

Outbound marketing, which involves using paid advertisements, issuing press releases, or utilizing sales people to make cold calls, still has its valuable place in the marketing world. However, when it comes to Marketing for Insurance Agencies, it’s vital to take advantage of the digital age we are in, and attract leads through functional websites, helpful blog and article content, and SEO best practices.

David Meerman Scott, online marketing strategist and marketing author, once suggested that marketers “earn their way in,” via publishing helpful information on a blog, landing page, etc. This is precisely what inbound marketing for insurance agencies looks like. The idea behind curating and distributing relevant information through blog posts is to attract people, who may not have otherwise heard of your agency, to your website organically.

The goal in creating blog or landing page content should always be to implement SEO keywords, but while maintaining fresh, relatable content and distributing it in an easily digestible way. The goal with your content is to provide relevant, newsworthy, or interesting articles to attract not only new prospects, but to keep your existing clients engaged.

So, while you may want to express to your visitors why it’s so important that they purchase professional liability insurance, for example, rather that writing a blog post about “Why You Should Have Professional Liability Coverage,” you might instead discuss a recent news story involving a high-profile legal case and relate it back to how important it would have been for the defendant in that case to have professional liability coverage.

Inbound marketing is not just about attracting website visitors; the content you create has to reach and relate to your leads and your current clients, plus it’s vital to keep current clients engaged so that they may become promoters of your agency and brand. How is this done? This is where Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing come into play.

Insurance Social Media Marketing is used to create a greater reach to your target audience; it brings you up front and center to where people are truly communicating. Many insurance agencies don’t see the value of leveraging Facebook; however it’s currently the leading social media outlet used, and a powerful tool for marketing. Additionally, maintaining a presence on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube is imperative.

Email Marketing gently reminds leads that have filled out your contact form that you are still there, and informs them of the many benefits that are included in working with your agency. Email Marketing, also called Insurance Drip Marketing, can also be used after a sale is closed, to welcome your new clients to your agency and inform them of what they have to look forward to with your services.

At Neilson Marketing Services, we understand the vital importance of inbound marketing, and have kept up with the trends as your audience has changed the way they shop for insurance. Over 80% of your audience shops online before making an insurance purchase and it’s up to you to be where they are. We can help with that through our Insurance Internet Marketing services. For more information about these services and more, please contact us today at 1.800.736.9741.

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