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10 Insurance Marketing Ideas Fit for 2021

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 presented many unforeseen challenges to businesses around the world. One of the most important lessons of the pandemic was the need for a robust online presence; businesses saw skyrocketing interest in digital advertising and marketing. Faced with uncertainty and the inability to conduct in-person transactions, digital marketing bridged the gap for consumers throughout the insurance industry space. As 2021 approaches, insurance marketing ideas are front and center of considerations. Innovative marketing practices have the potential to drive significant business growth in the coming year. In this guide, we will share 10 of the leading insurance marketing ideas that can help your insurance business achieve success.

Digital Marketing Ideas for Insurance Businesses

Digital marketing forms the foundation of most advertising campaigns for the insurance industry. As such, there are numerous options and strategies available for forward-thinking agencies. Five of the top 10 insurance marketing ideas are centered on digital strategies, and include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • B2B Demand Marketing

For insurance businesses, content marketing allows agencies to share comprehensive information with customers. This information can positively influence purchasing decisions; the goal of this marketing practice is to give site visitors what they need to become customers. Content marketing is the practice of developing and promoting engaging, informative, and relevant web-based content. Content can be shared via website, newsletter, email, or on social media platforms. Content marketing is so critical in the digital age that over 86% of businesses worldwide use this tool to reach new audiences.

Pay-Per-Click marketing leverages search engine advertising on Google and similar search engines to bring potential customers to your website. On Google’s search results pages, sponsored ads appear; each click on those ads is a chance to convert a visitor into a customer. Agencies only pay for the clicks, helping make this strategy cost-effective.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the underlying strategy for nearly every digital marketing initiative. SEO is the principle of using on- and off-page techniques to improve search visibility; when used correctly, your agency’s website will appear at or near the top of Google search results pages. Among SEO techniques are developing relevant content, using keywords and phrases to improve search engine accuracy, and creating links to and from authoritative information resources.

It is no secret that social media marketing has revolutionized the digital advertising space. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have provided marketing professionals with an impressive array of tools. A simple social media presence helps build a given insurance brand while providing a direct means of communication with existing and future customers. Engagement with a business also helps to build loyalty among consumers. Whether you share industry news, roll out a product or service, or create insightful and engaging video content, social media marketing is an insurance industry “must-have” for 2021.

B2B (business-to-business) demand marketing may not be as well-known as some of the other insurance marketing ideas, but this powerful tool can drive traffic, generate conversions, and reach targeted audiences. By using both automated and managed demand marketing platforms and services, marketing professionals can tailor campaigns for your unique needs and goals.

Five More Insurance Marketing Ideas

Digital strategies are not the only insurance marketing ideas making an impact in 2021. These more traditional strategies enhance and shape business growth, allowing for maximum visibility for your agency. Five of the leading ideas include:

Brand-building, or the strategy to help you tell your agency’s story or to reposition itself within its market. Brand-building endeavors include announcing the launch of new products or services, adding creativity to existing advertising, or even adding new logos and styles to promotional materials. With brand positioning, you can stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

Strategic communications, which serve as a conduit between consumers, business partners, and agencies or brokerages. Communications can be focused on either digital or print, but are typically a blend of the two media. With creative materials such as industry white papers, brochures, and product sheets as only some of the many communications materials, the sky is the limit.

ADA Website Compliance, a critical component that opens new business opportunities for your agency. Related closely to digital footprints, this strategy ensures that your business meets the online requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. With a compliant website and promotional materials, those with physical challenges can gain unfettered access to all that your agency has to offer.

Outreach programs allow your agency to make direct contact with those in the market for insurance products and services. This outreach can take place at community events, industry shows, or anywhere people congregate. Face-to-face communication between insurance businesses and consumers puts a personal touch to a transaction and can build both brand loyalty as well as engagement with the communities your agency serves.

Insurance telemarketing, which is a time-honored solution to reach target audiences. Unlike traditional telemarketing practices like cold-calling, insurance telemarketers have industry knowledge and serve to funnel qualified leads to sales teams, saving time, money, and effort. As an addition to any comprehensive marketing campaign, insurance telemarketing produces real results.

Insurance marketing ideas are limited only by your agency’s budget and creativity. As 2021 draws closer, it is time to look for innovative practices and strategies to build your business well into the future. With the ideas above, you have the potential to experience a groundswell of growth and revenue as your agency reaches new customers.

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